Sunday, March 25, 2007

a peek inside mason's brain..

I don't know if my feet are swelling because of the cancer or my socks are shrinking of their own volition, but something seems off.

I think my deodorant might be body odor scented..

So who was the guy that decided that 9 should be the standard number you have to dial to get out? Why 9?

Do you think that, after inspecting your gennys at a doctors office, they would give you a happy ending if the nurse was hot? Cuz I think that would really get people to the doctor more and therefore create a healthier nation. 

Did you know march is cancer awareness month? No wonder I'm so aware of my cancer..

Who ever came up with the @ symbol is probably like a kagillionaire now..same with the guy who came up with the number 9.

Ya know that lady on office space that answers the phone the same every time and its really annoying? That lady is mary seals…she sits behind me.

I'd just lice everyone to cnow that I cicc a**. I just do.

Veronica is such a pretentious name..

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