Friday, August 17, 2007

witches' titties...they're so damn cold! ..supposedly

I've never understood the saying, "its colder than a witch's titty in here". I'm like, a witch's titty is still a titty…I mean, a titty's a titty no matter which way you slice it. not that I'm advocating the slicing of titties, I'm just saying, titties are basically the same regardless of the personal religious beliefs of the person who possesses said titty. Unless there's a clause somewhere in the witch's black book of spells and incantations that states that upon a members conversion to the dark arts their titties will become cold to the touch. But given my admittedly limited knowledge of the fundamental tenets of witchery, as well as my lack of any witch's titty touching experience (although I still suspect I've dated a couple), I can't claim to have any authoritative position on this matter. Nor can I rightfully speculate as to the derivation of the saying in question. Unfortunately the knowledge of the temperature of a witch's titty may be forever confined to the hands of a witch and the witch's lover, and perhaps someone who happens to just brush up against a witch's titty in the condiments aisle of a crowded grocery store. The world may never know..