Thursday, September 27, 2007

now THAT'S comedy!

i love feedback almost as much as britney spears loves showing off her nasty vagina, but this is just funny...

To be mean and honest music is good. you requested to add me but unless i'm like on my ass impressed I've stopped adding musicians. You seem to have the talent but probably the lack of band (big fan of bass and drums) is making it sound a little not right. I realize i'm no big record label or important person but was impressed enough to comment. I've heard alot of acoustic acts before, your better than most, the shock factor is missing. If i was a I don't know like coach to those looking for more exposure I'd say throw in something impresive. Like a "saturday" from patrick stumph or some deep sexy spoken parts like john rzeznik or connor of bright eyes. My opinion was probably not what your were looking for when you went thru ppl of nashville to add but I couldn't just reject your request with out explanation.

Your a hotty and you have anuf ambition to at least make a myspace page so i think your a step above alot of musicians. Keep up the hard work. I'll keep an eye on you and maybe just maybe when you start playing shows (again?) I'll catch one to make a finally opinion.


first off, for future reference, i don't take career advice from people who spell enough, "anuf". Second, if i ever put "deep sexy spoken parts" in my music, someone please for the love of god call me up and tell me what a douchebag i've become. finally, what musician 
doesn't have enough ambition to make a myspace page?!? that's like saying, well you had enough ambition to get out of bed this morning, so two kudos to you for that...that's ok, you can keep those're gonna need all the kudos you can get to make up for your lack of spelling skills. 

ok, for real though, i'm just kidding around, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and i have nothing but respect for anyone that would take the time to give someone their opinion, even if its not what they wanted to hear. However, i 
am entitled to mock you pubicly for your opinion..

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